Plotter C Large Format Printing

For High Quality Presentation Printing of A2,A1 and A0 Sheets.

Things to know

For high quality Presentation and Fine Art prints Plotter C is an ideal choice for producing extremely high resolution print documents. The printer is a Canon ImagePrograf Pro-4000, which prints with 10 different pigment inks including both RGB and CMYK to increase the print accuracy of the document to the digital version.
Plotter 3 - Canon ImagePrograf Pro-4000

Before you begin

The print process is a little more involved regarding printing with Plotter C to maintain the correct print settings for the desired outcome. This is also to avoid incorrect charging issues.
  • Ensure the document is correctly Flattened prior to printing.
  • Ensure the document is set up for the media size that is being printed.
  • Ensure the document is of a high resolution.

The Printing Process

PDF/X-4:2010 Export Settings
When exporting ensure you select:
  • [High Quality Print] (modified)
  • PDF/X-4:2010
  • Acrobat 7 (PDF 1.6)
Acrobat Print Driver Steps
Ensure you go through the print settings in the driver as follows.
1 - Select Plotter C.
2 - Ensure your document is exported to the size you want to print and 'FIT' is selected.
3 - Un-select 'Choose paper source by PDF page size'. This will alter the document size and cause media errors.
4 - Selecting Auto Rotate will avoid any orientation errors.
5 - 'Page Setup' is where the Document size is selected.
Page Setup for Document size options
6 - You will then need to go into the printer properties to set up the print information.
Plotter 3 Printer Properties Dialog Box
Ensure these steps are followed in the Printer Properties.
1 - Ensure you are in the 'Main' tab.
2 - Select 'Get Information' this will allow the computer to talk to the printer regarding the paper in the printer.
3 - Select 'Advanced Settings' and select the print quality to be 'High'. Selecting any higher takes double the print time and doesn't make a difference.
4 - Select either Colour or Monochrome.
If you are printing A2 or A1 please read below.
Page Setup Properties