MFD Print, Scan and Copy

For printing A4, A3 sizes. Up to A3 scanning & copying.

Things to know

At the MSD Media Hub, two flagship Canon Multi-function Devices (MFDs) are available for use to obtain reliable, fast and high quality prints. In addition to printing, they can be used for copying and scanning. Both MFDs will only accept A4 and A3 prints and cannot accept custom size prints.
MSD1&2 - Canon MFD

MSD 1 & 2 Printing Procedures

Brief printing guide
Ensure documents are properly sized as A4 or A3. Custom sizing will pause the entire print queue.
You can check the size of your PDF by going to File > Properties and ensuring the dimensions of the PDF are either A4 or A3.
To submit a print:
  1. 1.
    Open your PDF at the print station and select your desired MFD printer (MSD 1 or 2).
File > Print > Printer drop down menu - Select MSD-1 or 2
2. Open Page Setup and select your document size and the orientation of your layout.
Click Page Setup... Select the appropriate paper size (A3 or A4) and orientation.
3. Open the Properties tab to see the detailed printer settings. Under the Paper/Quality tab you can select the colour output of your print. Hit OK to apply the settings and return to your print menu.
Print menu > Properties > Paper/Quality - select Colour or Black & White > OK.
4. Once you hit Print on the main print menu, Scan your student card on the reader (if printing from a student lab skip this step - your job will be sent directly to the print-release station).
Review your settings. Click Print & tap your University card.
5. Release print from quick-release tablets.
  • Ensure the price matches the stated cost, if it is incorrect there may be an issue with your settings. It is advised to go back, check your settings and re-send the job.
  • Press Print to release the job to the printer.

Scanning Guidelines

Brief explanation
This machine will allow you to scan A4 and A3 documents.
There is no option to scan to USB available.

Scan & Send Features

  1. 1.
    Place your document face down on the platen glass (bearing your document orientation in mind).
Main Menu Display Screen
2. Press Scan and Send.
Press Scan and Send
3. Select Specify Destinations.
The most common option is to 'send to myself' via email. Follow the instructions and enter desired destination for receiving the scanned documents, hit OK.
Select and specify destination
4. Specify desired scan settings. Options are available on the sidebar. Please read through carefully to ensure you get the result you want.
Scan Settings
5. Hit the Start button to being scanning.
Hit 'Start' to begin the scan
6. Check your email for your Scanned document. Be sure to take your original document from the scanner once you have finished.

Copying Guidelines

This machine will allow you to photocopy only A4 and A3 documents.
Copying is disabled on MSD 2.
Hit the Copy button on the main menu touch panel display, then the Copy Basic Features screen will be displayed.
Express Copy Basic Features Screen
This screen simplifies the copying procedures and covers the most common/basic options and features.
  1. 1.
    Select copy on the screen.
  2. 2.
    Choose from either colour or B&W printing options.
  3. 3.
    Scaling options are also available. To retain the same size as the original document, ensure that this is set to 1:1.
  4. 4.
    Copy Ratio
    • Specify your desired copy ratio.
  5. 5.
    Select Paper size.
    • Select paper tray based on the desired size of copy.
  6. 6.
    Check Settings.
    • Review final settings before copying to avoid errors.
  7. 7.
    Hit Copy.
    • Feed your paper through the top copy tray.
    • Ensure that the documents to be copied are properly aligned and are not bent or folded (to avoid jams).


Please do not attempt to fix a problem yourself. Immediately consult the Media Hub Staff if there is an issue with your print or the equipment.
If our Media Hub Staff are unavailable, please contact the NeXT Lab for assistance.
In the case of printing error/queue pausing, the first recommended check is of the PDF file properties. Ensure that the PDF is a standard paper size used in the Media Hub (Either A3 or A4).
Try re-printing and ask for a refund if required.

MFD issues (MSD 1 & 2)

A job is stuck on 'cancelling' - The printer will need to be restarted, please notify the Media Hub Staff, as this will delete all jobs in the queue. If none are available please see the NeXT Lab staff. If after hours apply for a refund.
The printer is asking for a 'Custom Media Size' - The file sent is not exactly an A4/A3 file, first check the file dimensions and print again. If this is not the case, check the 'Adobe Print Driver' and 'un-click' the box stated 'Choose paper source by PDF page size' and print again. These errors will stop the queue so please bypass these when they appear to allow others to collect their print jobs while troubleshooting.