The Fab Lab at MSD

Welcome to the Digital Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab) within the Melbourne School of Design.


Welcome to the Fab Lab Knowledge Base, a repository comprised of readily-available information to aid students in their digital fabrication needs.

Within these pages, students will find detailed articles related to concepts and processes surrounding digital fabrication, as well as sections dedicated to communicating methods and machines used at the Maker Spaces to undertake the work itself.

The Fab Lab is a digital workshop focused on aiding the model making of student work, housing four laser cutters, a metal laser cutter, a CNC machine and a 3D powder printer, operated by trained technicians, as well as various other equipment and fitted work stations.

The aim of this Knowledge Base is to create a continually-updated library of articles to help students achieve the best possible results with their modelling and prototyping needs.

Follow the column on the left hand side of the Knowledge Base to navigate your way through the information pertaining to your needs, and let this space be your first port of call when you have any questions regarding the Fab Lab, our machines, or processes.