Submission Checklist

Checklist for Printing at the NExT LAB.

File Preparation

  • Ensure all of your meshes are closed with no naked edges.

  • Import your files individually in to Makerbot Print

  • Ensure you have not used Minfill

  • Ensure you have Supports and Rafts turned on.

Submission Requirements

Submit your files as a request to the Innovation Centre‚Äč

  • You must provide three file types:

    • one .stl (containing all parts);

    • one .print

    • all desired .makerbot files

Naming Conventions

  • Project/Request Names must follow the below convention:

colour_[hours of printing TOTAL]_[Printer]_subject

eg: White_6h20_Rep+_Beta

  • Job Names must follow the below convention:

[hours of printing FOR FILE]_1of[total number of files in project]_filename.makerbot

eg: 4h_1of2_Bridge.makerbot;

  • Updated submission request naming convention:

eg: 4h_1of2_BridgeUPDATED.makerbot

  • Please ensure you have delete old jobs when updating files.

For the benefit of all students over semester, all students which require a print of 8 hours or longer to book a consultation.

Digital Design and Design Studio Beta have different print time requirements.