Loans Services

Available equipment and services available to MSD Staff and Students for loan and use.

Have you done your Level 0 & 1 inductions yet? Complete them at the Training Center. You need to complete this before loaning any equipment from the Loans Desk.

1.0 Available Loan Equipment

A range of equipment is available to both MSD Staff and Students to loan and use.

These include:

  • Cameras and Lenses

  • Photographic Studio Equipment

  • Lighting

  • 3D Scanning Equipment

  • Virtual Reality Kits

  • Augmented Reality Kits

The equipment available can be booked below.

Refer to the Terms & Conditions page for any restrictions on items.

2.0 Staff Loan Equipment

A range of Staff Only equipment is also available for loan to assist with teaching and research.

These Include:

  • Portable Conference Cams

  • Laptop Carts

  • Mobile Classroom Kits (Laptop and Projector)

  • Virtual Reality Kits

  • Augmented Reality Kits

  • 3D Room Scanner Kit

  • 5D Pro Photography/Video Kit

Any long-term loans/services needed by staff can be requested from Central IT.

The equipment available can be booked below.

If you wish to loan the equipment overnight or after hours please speak to one of our staff members at the MSD Loans Desk or arrange via email with our Design Technology Manager via email (Tom Frauenfelder -

3.0 Loans Equipment Operations & Resources

This section is to help Students or Staff who may not be familiar with all the equipment and want to develop a deeper understanding on the basic functions regarding our equipment.

3.1 Camera/Photography Guides

3.2 3D Scanning Guide

3.3 Augmented Reality (AR) Guides

3.4 Virtual Reality (VR) Guides