Augmented Reality at the NExT Lab

Mixed reality refers to a continuum of Virtual Reality (VR) technology in which real and virtual objects are combined in a single display. While VR typically refers to environments that place the user in an immersive and completely computer generated virtual world, Augmented Reality (AR) preserves the user’s awareness of, and ability to interact with, their immediate physical context by compositing the real world and computer generated models in a blended 3d space.

The idea of using AR to visualise designs or instructions in-situ to assist with manufacturing tasks has existed since the technology's conception. Caudell and Mizell first coined the term to describe a head-mounted see-through display (HMD) that would augment an aircraft assembly worker’s field of view with digital information, such as the location of drill holes in 3d space.

1.0 Mixed Reality Hardware

At the MSD, we provide bookable access to the Microsoft HoloLens through the ABP Loans desk. Before making a booking, students and staff will need to attend an induction. Bookings can be made online for 1hr, 2hr, 3hr and 6hr loans.

2.0 Accessing Equipment

2.1 Induction

Before students and staff are granted access to loan the Microsoft HoloLens they must attend an induction on using the equipment. If there are no induction sessions available come and speak to staff members at the NExT Lab to organise a suitable time.