Using the Makerbot Labs Experimental Extruder

0.0 Experimental Extruder

The NExT Lab is home to two Makerbot Labs Experimental Extruders which can be used to print using Custom Materials.

Makerbot Labs Experimental Extruder with ColorFabb Filament(Source: Makerbot Labs)

The pricing for requests/projects using the experimental extruder differ to regular pricing.

Please note that as this is an Experimental product, job failure becomes far more likely than usual, and different design considerations need to be made.

1.0 Materials

We recommend the use of PLA-based ColorFabb materials (diameter 1.75mm). ColorFabb is stocked by X3D.

Come in and talk with us if you have any questions about other materials. We are unable to process requests using flexible filaments. Book a consultation if you would like a more in depth chat.

2.0 Other Capabilities

The Experimental Extruder is also capable of printing with a draft nozzle. Book a consultation with us if you have any questions about using the draft nozzle.

Figure 2.0 - Using the Draft Nozzle can produce some interesting artefacts

3.0 Design Considerations

3.1 Nozzle Diameter

Special filaments such as ColorFabb require the use of a stainless steel (abrasion-resistant) nozzle. This nozzle is slightly larger than usual: 0.6 mm in diameter compared to 0.4 mm.

Figure 3.1 - Nozzle Diameter

With this in mind, roof and floor thicknesses should be changed to multiples of 0.6 mm (1.8 mm is ideal)

3.2 Shells

We recommend increasing the number of shells to 3 in order to create less-fragile parts.

3.3 Infill Density

We recommend increasing the infill density to 20% in order to create less-fragile parts.

3.4 Support Material

We recommend designing objects that do not require support material as most Special Filaments are unsuitable as support material.

4.0 Job Processing

When processing jobs using the experimental extruder:

  • a $10.00 flat fee is charged per print.

  • 8 hour restrictions are still in place

  • Students will provide their own material.

  • We will require some extra material to test custom settings.

Custom Settings are available for download here: