This page describes how ABP Staff can integrate Maker Space facilities and equipment into teaching and learning.

The Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning (ABP) provides a range of resources for students and staff to access fabrication equipment and visualization technology to use in teaching and research. Academic staff are welcome to encourage your students to use making and visualization as an effective way to explore design concepts and to integrate making into your subjects and assessment. To support these needs the Maker Space facilities are setup to provide students and staff with access to a range of standard making processes and equipment as well as the ability to support non-standard making projects and processes when provided with time to plan and prepare for these projects.

Before integrating any making into your subjects please read through the information within this section to determine if your needs are covered by the standard making processes or if you need to contact Maker Spaces management to make arrangements for non-standard projects.

Maker Space Facilities & Equipment



Model Making Space

Dedicated space for model making assembly with work benches and basic tools located on the ground floor of the Glyn Davis Building.

Fab Lab

Digital fabrication bureau service for laser cutting, 3d printing and CNC routing

NExT Lab

New Experimental Technology Lab providing access and support for new disruptive technologies such as 3d printing, 3d scanning, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

Machine Workshop

Access to workshop equipment to work with timber, foam, plastics and aluminium.

Robotics Lab

Access to industrial robot arms and other related robotic and electronic equipment

Metal Work Area

Equipment to work with metal such as welders, grinders and sheet metal benders.

Wet Work Area

Space and equipment for working with wet materials and processes such as concrete and plaster.

Loans Desk

Access to loan equipment such as cameras, lights, photo studios, VR equipment and more.

Print Room

High quality small and large format printing, scanning and binding facilities.

Staff Access

The MSD Maker Space facilities and equipment are available to all ABP staff to use for research projects and to integrate into teaching and learning activities. This access to making equipment is through a combination of bureau fabrication services where jobs are submitted online at the Fab Lab and NExT Lab, and in person operation of equipment at the Machine Workshop, Robotics Lab, Wetworks or Model Making Space.

For ABP staff to gain personal access to use Maker Space equipment and facilities please follow the Maker Spaces Access and Inductions process that applies for all users.

Safety Inductions

To access any of the MSD Maker Spaces all staff and students must complete the required safety inductions. These inductions include:

  1. Level 01 Online Induction - Provides access to the MSD Model Making Space after hours

  2. Level 02 In Person Induction - Allows access to restricted Maker Space Facilities such as the Robotics Lab and Machine Workshop.

  3. Level 03 Machine Inductions - Allows access to operate specific machines such as the equipment in the Machine Workshop.


The Maker Spaces team provides a range of in person and online training and support for students and staff.

Online Training

  • Knowledge Base - Found here on gitbook, provide up-to-date information about the facilities and equipment in the Maker Spaces as well as step-by-step tutorials for common processes.

  • Video Tutorials - Integrated into the knowledge bases is a series of video tutorials for Laser Cutting, FDM Plastic 3d Printing, Powder 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, 3 Axis CNC, Metal Laser Cutting, Card Cutting, and the Industrial Sewing Machine.

In Person Support

In person support is provided via group induction sessions and individual consultations.

  • Group Machine Introductions are organised at the start of each semester and provide a short introduction to select machines and processes.

  • Individual Consultations - In person consultations are offered for a number of processes:

    • InFab Lab you can book a consultation for advanced laser cutting, CNC, 3d Printing and consultation.

    • In the NExT Lab you can book a consultation for 3d Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality.

Before booking a consultation you must have read through the relevant training and support information provided online via the MSD Maker Spaces knowledge base. If this has not been done the consultation will be cancelled and students or staff asked to complete this reading.

Busy Times

Making equipment is very busy before mid-semester and final presentations which results in delays in getting work processed. If you are planning to require making assignments please allow for delays at these times and direct your students accordingly.

If a studio relies on a particular fabrication method for their studio outcome, liaising with the Maker Spaces is essential as peak times within the semester will drastically affect fabrication time frames.