Basic Information

0.0 Considerations for using the MakerSpaces

Planning Ahead

Academic staff are welcome to encourage their students to model make as it is an effective way to articulate architectural conceptions.

FabLab technicians understand the importance of aiding students in their endeavors. It is important however, to understand that to translate the digital to the physical, there are limitations that will refrain students from fabrication. These physical limitations range from geometry, time frame, material stock....etc.

The most important limitation however is of safety and well-being. It is therefore essential to understand what is allowed when machining and processing models.

1.0 Chemicals

Use of chemicals in any of the makerspaces are restricted and a primary cause of concern when new materials are introduced for a job submission.

Chemicals are primarily associated with unknown materials, paints and adhesives. It is important to work within the bounds of the FabLab's material allowance list to avoid delays, however exceptions are allowed given that students provide a MSDS sheet.


2.0 Tools of the Trade

To utilize hand power tools that are outside the workshop, a minimum of a Level 01 access is required to utilize hand tools such as drills, saw, hot glue gun...etc.

This will allow students to use tools within the model working space without the requirement to obtain a Level 02 access into the workshop.