Induction Access

0.0 Induction Process

To be able to use our facilities, it is crucial that both staff and students complete the Building Access and Level 01 Safety Induction for basic access into the maker spaces.

Access into the Workshop will require completion of the Level 02 induction and the Level 03 induction will enable use of machines.



Attend a Level 03 Safety Induction by dropping into the Machine Workshop Monday-Friday from 1pm - 4.30pm.

The FabLab's Guru will explicitly check access every semester and will reject students and staff who have not done the appropriate inductions.

Did you know? To gain access to the Glynn Davis building on weekends requires a Level 00 Building Access.

1.0 Safety

Here at the FabLab we take safety very seriously!

Level 02 Inductions will involve a tour of the FabLab led by a workshop technician who will explain each space and the do's and don'ts of the FabLab.

It is important for teaching staff to re-iterate this to students as there will be limitations to what they can and cannot do in the space, overall affecting the possibility of fabrication.


Studio Leaders are encouraged to schedule their studio groups to complete the necessary inductions to grant students access into the workshop.

It is important to stress that during the start of the semester, applications for inductions are high, which will have limited slots per week, while during the second half of the semester, we will not be running group inductions only scheduled appointments.