Construction as Alchemy (Brick Stacking)

Construction as Alchemy - Robot Brick Stacking

1. Watch the video below on preparing your file.

2. Remember these things when preparing your brick wall.

  • Leave 2mm gap in the XY plane. This corresponds to a 10mm mortar gap at 1:1 scale.

  • Each brick needs to be supported by bricks below. If the centre of gravity is not supported, the brick will fall.

  • The bricks in your CAD model are 15.2 mm high at 1:5 scale, however the MDF bricks we will be using are 16mm high. This is why you leave a 0.8mm gap between each course.

3. Send your completed file to [email protected] at least 3 days before your booking.

The more time you give us to check your file, the better you wall will be.

4. Book a time in the Robotics Lab

You will have 3 hours to complete your wall. This includes making any changes to your file if needed. Please ensure your file is correct before you come in. You will need to remain with the robot while your wall is made.

5. Lintels

Please cut your lintel to size, and be aware of where it is, we will need to stop the robot manually to put it in.

We recommend thin brass or metal strip that is 0.5mm thick.