Getting Started

How to get started with Robotic Fabrication

Getting Started

This section provides a guide on how to get started with robotic fabrication. It will guide you through setting up the required software, as well as some basic exercises. This guide is completely digital, and won't require a physical robot. Once finished, you can proceed to use a physical robot or continue with the simulated robot.

This guide will focus on the UR10e Robot. Additional steps will be provided to set up the ABB robots as well.

Software Overview

We use a variety of different software packs in the Robotics Lab. Here is a list of some of the software we use and the requirements.




Rhino & Grasshopper

Fabrication and Programming Environment

Windows, Rhino 6

Robots Plugin

Programming Plugin for Grasshopper

Windows*, Rhino 6

ABB Robot Studio

Programming & Simulation Environment for ABB Robots



Simulation Environment for UR Robots.

Windows or Linux

Isaac Sim

Advanced Simulation Environment

Linux, AWS

Unreal Engine

Advanced/Collaborative Environment


*Robots is on MacOSX now, however many of the plugins we use in our scripts do not work on mac. We recommend using Windows.

For the purposes of this getting started guide, we will work with Rhino & Grasshopper, and the Robots plugin. Together this software gives you the ability to program and run basic simulations for all the robots available in the Robotics Lab.